Who We Are

Miami based FDA Consultant Management firm that provides registration, listing and consulting services to foreign and domestic companies whose goods fall under FDA and wish to sell in the US market. Whether you are a food, medical device, cosmetic or drug maker, we can assist you with FDA compliance and regulations no matter how simple or complex the matter.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, ours began in the field of import export, working with federal government agencies for the last 35 years. Our experience in dealing with FDA, US Customs, USDA and many other government agencies relates into the passion we have for assisting importers and exporters with their regulated goods.

Meet our Licensed Professional

Aldo L. Neyra is a licensed customs broker and trade consultant for all regulatory matters. Active in the industry since the days before automation was introduced in the trade arena, he and his team of professionals will guide you through even the most difficult projects.


Aldo Neyra


Licensed Custom Broker and trade consultant with over 35 years experience. Bilingual in English and Spanish

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